Weekend Indulgence at Wyndham Skylake Resort

Comfortably nested against Vân Sơn Lake, just an hour’s drive from downtown Hanoi, Wyndham Skylake Resort is an ideal weekend getaway for families and friends. With a wide range of entertainment – an all-season infinity pool, children’s swimming area, exquisite dining options, a rejuvenating spa, and outdoor activities – Wyndham offers a memorable vacation for both children and adults alike.

1.1 Wyndham Skylake Resort – An Overview

As one among the leading 5-star resorts near Hanoi, Wyndham Skylake Resort is next to the idyllic Vân Sơn Lake, taking only one hour to reach from the heart of Hanoi. Known for its expansive, nature-centric architecture, the resort promises a sense of relaxation after a demanding week at work.

Wyndham Skylake Resort presents three distinct villa experiences:

  • The Hill: Perched on the hills, this villa is popular for its front-facing view of the lake and the golf course.
  • The Lake: Facing the lake, this villa enjoys the tranquil and idyllic water.
  • The Sky: Overlooking the golf course, this villa has an open environment for relaxing and immersing yourself in nature.

1.2. Wyndham Skylake Resort Amenities 

  • Outdoor infinity pool & children’s swimming area 

Discover an extraordinary poolside experience at Wyndham Sky Lake Resort & Villas, where the outdoor infinity pool boasts a distinctive design, merging the water’s surface with the vast expanse of sky. Guests can choose to bask in the warm sunlight or submerge themselves in the cool, calming waters. Wyndham Sky Lake Resort & Villas promises a day filled with unique activities for families and friends.

For the little guests, they can have a delightful and secure swimming experience at the children’s swimming area. With a carefully crafted environment and safety measures from our instructors and safeguards, the children’s pool is an ideal space for kids to discover the joy of swimming.

  • ARIA Restaurant – The symphony of European, East Asian, and Vietnamese cuisine 

Gourmands will definitely be pleasantly surprised at ARIA restaurant, where flavor and charm intertwine. From dawn till dusk, guests can dine with a picturesque view of the pool, surrounded by intimate indoor and outdoor spaces. The skilled culinary team at Wyndham Skylake Resort has curated an expansive menu, featuring specialty dishes designed for delight.

Adjacent to the swimming pool, The Palms Bar is where you can unwind with a drink. Let the ambiance and the soothing melodies envelop you as you savor the breathtaking view. The bar offers an array of beverages, cocktails, select Whiskey and Cognac, along with distinctive specialty dishes. 

  • Japanese Onsen

As night falls, let yourself be submerged in a Japanese-style Onsen hot bath, designed to melt away stress. The soothing warmth and fragrant essence of the bath relax the body and calm the mind, ward off potential skin and joint issues, and promote healthy blood circulation.

  • May Spa

Revel in the symphony of senses, spirit, and body at May Spa.

Featuring four exquisite treatment rooms, May Spa offers a range of comprehensive spa treatments tailored for both you and your family. The calming melodies and subtle fragrances will guide you into a state of perfect harmony, facilitating the rejuvenation of both body and soul.

  • Wynfit Gym

Treat yourself with a luxury workout environment at Wyndham Skylake Resort’s gym, designed to offer the utmost comfort and convenience for those who love exercising. Equipped with modern machines, this gym is the perfect destination for exercise enthusiasts.

1.3. Lush greeneries and interesting outdoor activities

  • Kayaking and cycling

Wyndham Skylake Resort is also a safe destination for families to have wonderful adventures while taking a break from the urban area. Explore the surroundings, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty as you paddle on the calm waters or start a delightful cycling excursion.

Next to the lake, a paved pathway leads to the children’s play area – a perfect spot for small families to explore and enjoy quality time together.


  • Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club

Wyndham Skylake Resort & Villas takes pride in our golf course, renowned among the most esteemed in Southeast Asia. Featuring a 36-hole PGA standard layout, it is surrounded by luxurious villas and enticing swimming pools. The Sky Lake Resort & Golf Club provides a unique golfing experience, helping you unwind yourself with this elegant sport.

  • Camping

At Wyndham Skylake Resort & Villas, families can also have a unique bonding time with our camping service, relaxing in the refreshing surroundings while engaging in outdoor activities.

Make the most of your weekends with your loved ones and family. Let’s come together in a tranquil and cozy space at Wyndham Skylake Resort to relax and create memorable experiences!